"Helping keep information safe in an unsafe world."

Sciftronics was created to provide our protective forces a legitimate and long-overdue solution and standard for the more commonly termed "blue light system." Required by DCID 6/9 for certification of SCIFs, and highly recommended for similar facilities in both the public and private sectors, a reliable process to alert personnel to the presence of uncleared visitors and to therefore perform proper sanitizing duties is paramount to maintaining INFOSEC.  Sciftronics' services and products provide a solid support structure previously unavailable to SSO's and maintenance personnel.  Sciftronics provides a battle-tested, true and reliable standard for these systems, along with a total package of services, including design services, turnkey installation, factory training and certification, parts and service contracts, all from a company with the knowlege and experience to back it up.




A veteran himself, our founder, Christopher Davis (USAF '92-'96), has drawn from his military experiences in similar secure facilities, and more recently, from his more than sixteen years as a cilvilian electronic security and life safety contractor, to serve those who continue to work silently in the background to keep our families safe.


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